Prospero's Bowl, published 2013, is available from Oversteps Books

Listening For Light 2009 was available here but is now only available from the author

Long Shadows 2008 is available in the e.chapbooks archive here

Contact Ken for details of all his chapbooks, including A Devil's Dozen, Still Lives and Finding The Heart

Ken's work also appears in the following recent anthologies:

In Terra Pax & Other Short Stories & Poems 2012, ed. Rowan Fortune. Available here

Static Movement Print Special Two 2010, ed. Chris Bartholomew. Available here

The Next Time: Alternate Reality / Time Travel 2010, ed. Chris Bartholomew. Available here

Anomalous Appetites 2009, ed. John Irvine & Dave Freeman. Available here

Ink Sweat & Tears Anthology 2008, ed. Charles Christian. Available in the Chapbook Shop here

Dragonwriters Anthology 2005, ed. John Irvine. Available here