Ken's writing, in both poetry and prose, is widely available online and has been published internationally in a variety of print magazines and anthologies. Anyone interested in hearing him read online can do so either at Poetcasting or among the archives at Non-Euclidean Cafe, an ezine now dormant but still much missed.

In 2008, George Simmers at Snakeskin published Long Shadows, Ken's first e.chapbook, which was subsequently also made available by Rick Lupert, at Poetry Super Highway, while in 2009, Poetry Monthly Press, now sadly closed, published a substantial selection of Ken's poems entitled Listening For Light. Ken has since published three further e.chapbooks, A Devil's Dozen, Still Lives and Finding The Heart; his most recent collection, Prospero's Bowl, is available from Oversteps Books.

Poems are published in many ways, some of them more useful, perhaps, than expensive books which very few people buy or magazines which end in the recycling bin. Kenís work, for example, has also been published by Poems in the Waiting Room (New Zealand) and by Phoenix Arts & Media Centre (Exeter, U. K.), for use in their 2008 exhibition of the paintings of Iranian-born artist Akram Rahmanzadeh. Additionally, his work has been included in the huge archive of poems created by Poets Against War which is to be permanently housed and maintained by Ohio State University (U. S. A.), while in September 2009 a selection from Listening For Light was read live on-air by presenter Swithin Fry of Stroud Fm local radio, as part of the communityís Peace Week activities.

Although born and brought up in England, Ken lived for a considerable number of years in South-East Asia, a part of the world from which he has never entirely returned. Thereafter, he worked as a teacher of both Philosophy and English Literature to pre-university students. He is married with two children and lives in Cambridge, England.

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